Discussions over Tea (Of course, cutting maar ke)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

POLITICS : Thinking profound thoughts, when I ought to be thinking use cases.

I fear that the peace dialogue with Pakistan, started under the guidance of ABV, will not suffer under the Congress, not due to lack of efforts from the Congress party, but because of severe interference from the RSS/VHP who were being kept in abeyance by ABV's voice.

I fear that the swing in the political climate in both India and the US (Kerry might actually come to power in the aftermath of the Iraq crisis) might set back improving ties between the two countries by a couple of years.

Yet, I would gladly not fret on these two things, if the Congress can manage to keep even 20% of their promise to improve the conditions in rural India.

P.S. You think 20% is being over-optimistic?

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