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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

BLOGS : Thar she blows!

While it's a matter of a huge hue-and-cry in the U S of A, I couldn't have cared a flying f*** about the Iowa Caucus. I don't know Edwards (the only one I know, is currently a West Indian pace bowler), nor do I know Howard Dean.
All I was interested in was the re-affirmation that the online world didn't matter as an opinion in the U S of A as much as it was made out to be. There are other people who form the majority opinion. And that in the U S of A.

Howard Dean had a blog, e-yay, e-yay, yo.
And on his blog, he had a go, e-yay, e-yay, yo.
Here a huff, there a huff, everywhere a huff-puff,
That's the way you blow! (So said the blog world).

Anyway, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Edwards won (for those who even wonder what the point of this all is), thereby sending waves of shock in the blog world.
The silence echoes these words - "You mean no one's listening ?!?!?!".

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