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Friday, November 07, 2003

BLOGS : Judgements

Why do poeple think that others don't judge them on the basis of their blogs?
I do.
Sure, it's limited because of the lack of background, but I do all the same.
I just get surprised by the millions who claim that they can be themselves on their blogs because strangers can't judge them.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

PERSONAL : Down memory lane a.k.a. A trip to Seattle

In August 1994 when I left for hostel, I was numb. At first I was too dazed to realized the enormity of the step I had taken. When I actually thought about it, I was petrified. In hindsight, in 2003, I think it was the greatest decision of my life. I learnt, in those four years, what I don't think I would've learned in a lifetime if I'd stayed in Bombay. I spent hours talking about people, things and met some of the most interesting people I ever did in those four years. I hated it during the process, but as long as you're not scarred it's all good, right?

I learnt about the weird workings of the male mind.

I learnt about life in small families in smaller cities.

I learnt fear. I learnt about the value of life.

I learnt when I got hit by some people for liking a girl.

I learnt the true meaning of friendship. And I learnt about the misery of losing it to death.

I learnt a lot about love, and what distance can do to it.

I look at my friends from Bombay who I some times think of as naive. They've don't know sh*t about the world. Their lives are so small. Does that make me a better person, you ask? No, I don't think so ... they're great people with a very different set of values which we mutually respect but can never get used to.
But would I give up what I got if I was given a choice of being like them. Never.
Those days were precious.

In a way that was good... those people from pre-1994, remained as they were and hence I could still associate with them. The way they interacted, the things they did.. hell, even the music they listened to remained the same!

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