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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

SPORTS : Gentlemen, we got 'em

It's been a long, long time and I'm savouring every moment of it. The only people I can curse today is the damn ministry of Information and Broadcasting for introducing CAS in Chennai only. My first thought in the morning was "Hello. What's the score?" and thanks to some nifty sms-features by cricinfo I have been updating myself with the score for the match. And what a match it has been.

The Indian teams of the past are known for their meekness and their fallability while travelling abroad.
They called us poor travellers. They called us susceptible to the "chin music". They said we didn't have the pace/skill to handle Australia. Well, look at Zaheer. Look at Nehra. Look at Agarkar. Look at Kumble (*wink*).

Well, they can no longer look for the reasons Australia lost. While Buchanan can call their batting immature, and others can look for a million reasons why Australia lost, there's simply one answer. They didn't. We won.

We first stood up to them at the Gabba. Then we knocked them down with that sucker punch. A sweet right-arm from Dravid and the left-armer from Agarkar. Both of whom don't have happy memories from their last tour of Australia. Dravid, in his last tour arrived with a 52-ish average and left with a 48-ish average. Ajit "Bombay Duck" Agarkar would have nightmares about his series with his record-breaking series of runs - 0(1), 0(1),0(1),0(1),0(2), and then two ducks when they came to India.

Slowly, but steadily the demons of the past are being banished - one in Zimbabwe, one in WI, one in England - to condemn Steve Waugh to only his second home test defeat as a captain. And that's no mean task.

The Aussies couldn't handle the calmness that was Dravid. 305 runs in a test match, playing the Aussies at home is awesome.
Laxman who's taken a liking to the Aussies since the last test of the last tour with that spanking 165 couldn't get enough.
Tendulkar who till the beginning of India's second innings had taken more wickets on the tour than taken runs, with his never-say-die attitude.
Parthiv Patel, that puny little chap, who managed that 31 incredible runs in the first innings.
Kumble, dropped in the first, back with a vengeance with his fiver in the second.
And of course, Captain Courageous, who with his attitude simply demonstrates that we're no pushovers.

Here's a statistic that says it all. Steve Waugh has lost only 8 tests in his 60 matches a captain. Three of them have been against India. We ARE the final frontier.

P.S. I haven't stopped humming "Jitna bazoo utne sar, gin le dushman dhyaan se. Hare ga woh har baazi, jab khelenge jee jaan se" all through the morning.

P.P.S. I wish I was in Bombay. Chennai-ites don't know how to dance in the streets. And they don't know how to celebrate.

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