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Thursday, December 04, 2003

SOCIETY : A voice from the grave

While the Indian masses generally restrict themselves to expressing regret over the state of the nation and content themselves to watch the bigwigs fight it out over social issues of national interest, the murder of IIT (K) graduate Satyendra Dubey struck a little too close to home.
Of course, it did help that the Indian Express, a national daily, took up the voice of the masses (something I have accused the media of not doing in the past), and has been fighting their battles against a corrupt state. So did IndiaCause.

Here are the facts related to that story -
The incident brought both, despair and hope. Despair because it showed once again the fallability of the Indian system, the corruption and the inability of one man to raise his voice against a system. Despair because we still pass it off as just another innocent death in the sea of misfortune and cross our hands saying what can we do. Despair because in one stroke, it might have cut of a thousand voices which might have risen against such injustice in the future.

And that lone voice of hope that somewhere it might kindle a spark in our defeated hearts.

These words from Sudipto Majumdar, 21, in a letter to the PM in ToI (the so-called dishrag?) say it all -
... I can feel how Satyendra might have felt in staying back home and deciding to build a new India - right under your guidance and vision....
....Isn't this what you always wanted? Didn't you try convincing IITians over the years to stay back in India and make a difference? When someone tried, where were you? May be busy deciding on poll tickets, may be selling dreams to some villagers, or just may be wiping and hiding the rot that is all around us....
....My friends who emigrated then, with whom I differed in my beliefs, seem to stand corrected in retrospect - they were the real smart ones. I was among the romantic idealists who decided to stay and work in India. But I am lucky to be alive. May be because I didn't stretch my honesty and idealism as far as Satendra did....
....Mr Vajpayee, on behalf of all IITians, I thank you for spending lakhs on every IIT student every year. But please don't sell them dreams that can kill them. If Satendra's killers are not punished, not many IITians would trust the government with their futures.

There is another foundation started to gather support for this movement and to achieve the following objectives -
  • Short term
    1. JUSTICE: We want our government to find out the culprits responsible for this tragedy and punish them at any cost, possibly capitol punishment.
    2. Help & Support: We will do everything possible to help and support S. K. Dubey's family.
    3. Continue this campaign till the justice is done.
  • Long term
    1. Commission a system to help and support for government officials who are fighting corruption and require assistance.
    2. Campaign for legal reform.

While you could volunteer for any effort at this geocities site
(www.geocities.com/skdubeyfoundation), you can do a little by just signing the petition online at http://www.petitiononline.com/sdubey/

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