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Monday, December 08, 2003

POLITICS : Poll-i-ticking

While a lot is being written in the national (and international!) dailies about the non-saffronisation of the recent assembly elections in the four Hindu states and the evolving sensibilities of the Indian voter, I'm quite not sure.

While both the BJP and the Congress have been promising better subsidies, better facilities, more reform and better roads, water and electricity supplies. Yet, in the past 2 decades since the BJP has become a competitive power in the national elections, neither parties has been able to maintain power.

This has probably been for a couple of reasons - the lack of effort by the political party to keep their electoral promises, the impatience of the Indian voter to look at the long term effects of stability or what is simply called anti-incumbency.
I would think the Indian voter is just too fickle and keeps switching loyalties hoping for the best. Would it make more sense to reduce the electoral term of an assembly from the current term to just one year? That way, the parties would start wooing the voters immediately for the next elections :) (All ye, would you like to call me naive here, clam it and get a SOH.)

It would be a pretty neat thing if some day one of these parties actually started keeping some of their promises. That would mean that everyone would have to raise the bar. Or am I being naive? (Wait, don't answer that one too.)

But yes, some reform shall have to come, at least for the larger urban areas in these states as Delhi did and then the power struggle changes drastically and literally.

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