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Monday, December 15, 2003

MEDIA : The Resident Idiot, Former senior editor At the Dishrag of India.

The Indian media's Resident Idiot, Prafool Bidwai, has gone off shooting his mouth again, this time not at the expense of Rediff, but the more prestigious (?) BBC.

In an article on why call centers are bad for India, he mixes oranges and apples. Perhaps spurred on by the recent debates in the UK, about the seriousness and the economic losses due to IT outsourcing, Mr. Resident Idiot has jumped onto the bandwagon with his absurdities.

Here are some of his valuable comments on the article -
"There is a kind of irrational exuberance about the prospects of this kind of low-paid, low-value-addition work which creates this content both here and in the West, where people are losing jobs.

"People in India... [find] the job isn't really worth their while.
The Resident Idiot doesn't seem to understand that with the current high population growth and the churning out of engineering graduates from Indian engineering colleges, there is a huge band of jobs being created within the IT/ITES sector. While call center jobs lie at the extreme lower end of this band, the Wipros and Infosys's are at the higher end. And that the annual churnout has to be accomodated within this band and other newer sectors that are coming in. This annual churnout too, has a band in terms of skills and aptitude, which blends well with the band on the job sector.

He then goes on to state
He also said the Indian government was pinning too much of India's future on the industry as a "catch-all" solution to the country's problems.

"It's being hyped-up. Some of our leaders are looking for shortcuts to the sort of hard task where you actually address the basic needs of the millions who are in a state of depravation," Mr Bidwai stated.
.. which is absurd because he doesn't understand the social division between the people who work at call centers and those who he declares to be in a "state of deprivation". The government, which you can lay blame for a substantial amount of this countries woes, isn't responsible for the corporate development and cannot govern the flow of jobs/services/work into the country at such a micro- level. Economic development for poverty alleviation is one thing and call center job are a completely other thing. It isn't that a homeless bum is being made to work in a call center by the Government.

Lastly what the Resident Idiot doesn't understand is the economic development in terms of better exposure to foreign markets, and the economics of spending. The salaries which are being earned by these employees will eventually be pushed back into the economy in other sectors in terms of proportional spending.

P.S. I think I'll just google-bomb Mr. Praful Bidwai as the Resident Idiot. I've had enough of him. Seriously.

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