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Monday, December 22, 2003

EDUCATION : They're not learning

If there is one thing the IIMs teach you, it's the concept of teamwork. The fact of the matter is simple. Your work would mean nothing by itself. While coupled with the thoughts of others, it forms a force formidable. While the concept of teamwork rankles the pseudo-individualist, it is essential in understanding the rise of the 'thought process' at the IIMs.
If I had to provide percentages as to who my teachers were at B-school, it would be a 30% professors, 20% books and 50% my batchmates. The nights spent over numerous projects, pondering over issues, throwing up possible scenarios in the air, the picking up of threads and taking them to completion doesn't come naturally. It comes from being forced to sit, burning the midnight oil to avoid that whipping which you know you might get the next morning anyway.
I've just come out of 3 group discussions involving fresh college students and I see how they can't think clearly. They're content to make their own point and adamant to stick by it. Changing your mind is seen as a sign of weakness. They're not equipped to handle the real world. They're not learning.

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