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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

WAR : The Battle of the Sexes

Now that the battle of the sexes has been started by Melodrama, and Patrix has come to the party, let all swords be drawn ... Onward ho, ye scallywags!
  • The time system is divided into seconds, minutes and hours. These are absolutes, and there's no multiplication factors involved. Hence 5 minutes doesn't mean 25 minutes. Nor does "one sec" translate to anything else, however metaphoric you meant it as.
  • Clothes are not bought for one time wear. They are bought with due consideration and are not meant to be discarded simply because your friend X said you looked fatter in them.
  • Don't ask us if you look fat. Then you're going to make us contradict your own rule that we shouldn't lie to you.
  • Please do not drag us along when you go to the following - a beauty parlour, a ladies store, a medical shop. We don't know which way to look and can easily see the sympathetic eyes of mankind.
  • Learn to remember directions. You cannot possibly get lost going to a place, you've been going to (or rather taken to) for two whole years. Else make a map. It's easy.
  • Learn to accept "no" as an answer. And crying is blackmail. So is whining and moping and muttering under your breath.
  • Don't blame everything on PMS. You should've gotten used to it after bearing it with for so many years. On the other hand, if you declare yourself to be a budding teenager, we can take those excesses.
  • Don't expect men to read your mind. Suckers we are, mind-readers we're not.
  • Accept that you could be wrong. And we're not the direct reason why you're wrong in any case.
  • Just because we missed the 4th phone call of the day, doesn't mean that we don't love you. We were probably watching some "more important" sports.
  • We're not attentive. Do not accept us to be too. Unless we don't have anything directly addressed to us or relevant to us, we won't notice. Even in some cases, if it is directly addressed to us, we can choose not to listen/hear/pretend to hear.
  • Helping in house chores does not mean we will notice those three specks of dust in the corner of the house. Anything having a surface area of less than 1 foot X 1 foot is going to be unnoticed. Get used to that. It's called micromanagement and macromanagement.
  • Just because we love you, doesn't mean we love your friends and family. We try to adjust, but it's not a given.
  • Learn to accept silence as a state of mind and being. Silence doesn't mean we're angry or lost or inattentive.
  • This is plagiarised from somewhere, but it's true - Anything we said more than 7 days ago is inadmissible in an argument. You're not supposed to rake up something I had said in the year 1985 as evidence of the person I am now.
  • Oh, and the everlasting one. All men see in 16 colors. Olive, Peach, Fawn are not colors. The first two are something you eat, and the third one is the young one of a deer.

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