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Thursday, October 16, 2003

BOOKS : Vikram Seth's "The Golden Gate : A Novel in Verse - A Review

Browsing through books critiqued
I chanced upon a genre, generally averse
My curiousity which, by now, was piqued,
Challenged my reluctance to the verse.
So with my qualms I decided to actuate
That endeavour, Seth's "The Golden Gate".
Four central characters as we tally,
Their lives in the 80s in the Silicon Valley -
Liz, beautiful, at ease with libel,
her brother, Ed, young, handsome, devout,
John, successful, yuppie, but love without,
And his friend, Phil, wise mature, at heart a rebel.
They struggle, through dating, love and matrimony,
Sprinkled with god, lust and strife, that add to the disharmony.

John, educated and conventional, struggles,
Through personals, till he meets his match (with agony)
While Liz, his new beau, juggles,
Between law firms and freelancing, John and (her cat) Charlemagne.
Phil, a single parent, divorced, bridges those schisms,
As he explores the social cause of activism,
And at love and marriage, he's once bitten, twice shy
Decides to give his "other" side a try.
Ed, his partner, young, puerile, confused by religions,
Vascillates between pleasures and his church.
As we see love leaves in a lurch,
Only to be be replaced by practical revisions.
And that is how this tale goes,
After which, I can't think in prose.

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