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Thursday, October 23, 2003

BLOGS : Nominations for the Bharateeya Blog Mela #34

Haven't you ever felt, while reading someone else's blogs, that you know the person so well and the feelings they associate with? Haven't someone else's thoughts made you want to go "Zigackly! You're ferpectly right!"?

Well, for all those long lost bhai-bandhus who you've missing all those years, and for all those chumps who believe that their blog is the window to their soul, here's the opportunity to find that 'bhai' at the upcoming Bharateeya Blog Mela #34.

Changu and Mangu (who have since discontinued their blogs, because they're taking time off to get to know each other) started this noble tradition, when they met at Bharateeya Blog Mela # 1, and they realized that neither of them had an "Om" tattooed on their forearms.

So. Without further ado, here's announcing nominations for the Bharateeya Blog Mela #34, to be held at Discussions over Tea (Of Course, cutting maar ke!) on the 31st October.

Here are the rules of the mela -

  1. Content
    • All posts should be made by Indians or else, should be specific to India
    • The posts can be varying from personal experiences, social maladies, well written or argued rants, photography par excellence or even political or socio-economic analyses.
    • The posts should not, and I repeat, should not, be just a cut-and-paste of a link or the excerpts of an article someone has read on the Internet. It should contain some thoughts of the author.

  2. Administration
    • Please submit permalinks of the posts that you nominate. If there are no permalinks, please provided the blog URL, the date and title of the post.
    • Only posts made between the dates of 20th October - 29th October shall be accepted for the BBM #34.
    • You can either nominate posts in the comments section of this post, or can mail me your nominations at aragorn206 [at] 123mail [dot] org. Last date/time for nominations is 30th October 1 PM IST.

Please ensure that those hidden bloggers who sometimes come up with genuine gems don't go hidden in the world of the pundits. And let the nominations flow!

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