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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

POLITICS : Anti-defection law

In the middle of my hectic schedule, I've just come across a brilliant piece of news, which I have always wished for in India, which I couldn't resist blog about (yeah, signs of addiction, I know). Perhaps, there are ulterior motives, perhaps there are loopholes and perhaps there is a lot I don't know about (which I'm sure readers would enlighten me about), but India with all its political scallywags, needs a law to control (and eventually ban) defections between political parties simply for the sake of personal gains.

Sure, it might end up that there might be no clear unanimous government emerging after the polls, but then people shouldn't be allowed simply to defect/divide/re-align just for the sake of the next sarkar (government).
P.S. All disbelievers, please note - Mahajan's statement comes weeks after 36 Congress MLAs in Arunachal Pradesh defected from the party and joined the BJP -- heralding the first BJP government in the Northeast.

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