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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

IT : Outsourcing dilemma

ZDNet carries an article on the inevitably expected slowdown in the Indian IT outsourcing boom. Datamonitor who have conducted the research are right on, on the fact that as the sector grows larger, more established firms will move in and push the smaller players out of the market. This is the natural progression of any sector which goes into a boom.
Brian Huff, lead analyst of Datamonitor's call center research program, goes on to quote the following,
"To effectively compete against multinational outsourcers, Indian outsourcers must establish a global operational presence. Those without the resources to expand their global reach must become vertical specialists."
In an industry plagued by high employee turnover does the term "vertical specialists" have relevance? In order to become specialists, doesn't it imply retention of trained staff for longer durations of time which isn't feasible in a high burnout field?
More insights from Adventures with Yardboy would be welcome.

IT : Can MS IE get any worse?

This isn't a continuation on the Microsoft-bashing theme, which can evolve into a long one by itself, but IE may just be taking a few steps back as a result of the patents violation with Eolas Technologies. Being considered, is the modification of infringing plug-ins and applets.
Steven R. Bratt, chief operating officer of the W3C, has ominously declared - "These changes may affect a large number of existing Web pages." The world is going to have to wait and watch.

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