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Monday, September 29, 2003

HUMOR : Justice Served

In India, it requires personal aggrieving to stir the highest courts of justice into action. While Calcutta, has been the hotbed of Indian activism in terms of rallies and strikes, without any intervention by the police departments and the judicial committees, it took one case of a judge being stuck in traffic for two hours, to bring an age old system of rallies under control.

Justice Lala, very true to his name, pulled all stops out, after reaching his court. In the few minutes that followed, a sue moth contempt rule was slapped against the Kolkata traffic police and the Commissioner of Police was summoned to appear before Court on September 29th.

Where are the sponsors for sending Justice Lala on a Bharat Darshan? Keval Calcutta ka hi bhala kyon ho? (why should the benefits of the Lala's benevolence go only to the residents of Calcutta?)

PERSONAL : Monday Blues

Q. What happens when friends from 3 different states and one different country (UK) meet up on a weekend in NYC?
A. The rest of humanity is damned. At the end, you discover muscles aching in your body, which you didn't know existed before.

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