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Thursday, August 14, 2003

SOCIAL DISTRESS : Dual standards

Rediff publishes this report on "Hemant Lakhani", the supposed diamonds merchant who was arrested in Newark, NJ for trying to close the deal on a Russian SA-18 ILA missile capable of bringing down commercial airliners.
The clincher in the entire debate is how the intelligence agencies has been quick on the uptake to dissociate with him in all forms. A senior Indian Intelligence officer quotes the following -
...the officer quoted earlier said, "Lakhani was not an Indian, he was a British citizen of Indian origin."

The last time we saw such a quick dissociation of a person's origins was when Vijay Singh (Fiji) refused to play with Annika Sorenstam on the PGA tour.
Yet, the dual standards are visible when a second- or third-generation Indian performs well abroad, the media gives credit to their Indianness and the Government lays on the praises, sometimes monetary awards, at times too. My argument is simply against these dual standards. They're grown up and they've made their mark, living and prospering out of the country. We can't take credit for their achievements! If we do, then we ought to slam the Hemant Lakhanis too.

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