Discussions over Tea (Of course, cutting maar ke)

Thursday, August 21, 2003

PERSONAL : Concept: "Discussions over Tea" a.k.a. I'm templamental.

On a whim, one of these days I was free, I decided to change my template around to remove a lot of clutter.
The basic idea for the new template is the concept of a "chai ki dukaan". Dusk, and all others who've been through engineering colleges or B-schools, will readily admit that the nukkad's "chai ki dukaan" has often been the locale for many an intelligent and stimulating conversation. Hence the "Discussions over tea".
The concept of "cutting maar ke" is a Bombay-ite concept. A "cutting" is a glass of tea, neither half, nor full, just right for that quick stop and refreshment in our busy routines. Nothing else was more significant, in the lives we live, where we're rushing between point A and point B, without wondering about all that affect us.

I have tried to get a much simpler look to the template (though starfest would disagree), and I managed to leave out some people from my original blog-rolls. Some inadvertently, some intentionally, because they don't update as frequently as I would like to, to have on my rolls. The classifications of the conversations, were done on the basis of contents of their blogs and the kind of people I think they are.
  • Black and Strong - refers to people who have been serious bloggers and write more topical posts that generic ones.
  • Kashmiri and Nutty - refers to the fact that Kashmiri tea is flavoured with almonds and hence the concept of "nutty" came about. People who I think are nutty enough and use humor as a weapon in their writings.
  • Nilgiri and Easy - refers to Nilgiri tea which is considered very easy and smooth to consume. These are mostly personal blogs, though they cover a wide range of topics from personal narratives.

Copyrights : Anyone is free to use anything from the site. Yes, Patrix, you can keep the chai waala image, though if you ever use it somewhere, do mention me in the "courtesy" section, if for nothing else, but the fact that I had to run through a lot of chinese photographs to get this "chai" photograph from the Google-Images pages.

From the old template, one of the first things to go, was my zonkboard. Although it was a source of occasional small-talk, it wasn't really necessary and the only traffic it was generating was on account of my geoup script which tracks your IP and identifies/displays the location incorrectly.

The sitemeter was the next tool to go. It was a feel-good thing when you start a blog and like getting visitors, but after a point I didn't really care and very rarely checked my hits/stats/demographic information.

The books/movies links were a difficult choice to let go, but the rationale was that if I needed to put up anything interesting about books I read, I would do it in the main content section. So there.

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Concept :"Discussions over Tea"

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