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Friday, August 22, 2003

CONSUMER : Do their promises hold water with you?

In the light of the government's decision to apply EU norms to all soft drink makers, I wondered why the bottling water crisis which had arisen in February died down and what action had been taken on the same.
My first reaction was to shout "Double Standards!" but I decided to google for the issue and came up with the following link.
It speaks of steps being taken by The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to set standards and ensure compliance to those standards by the bottling plants. The promised deadline for this effort is Jan 2004. I'm going to keep a bookmark in my calendar for Feb 2004, to see if anything did come out of this issue. Or else, Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, secretary to the department of consumer affairs will be hearing from me then.
When I travelled to Kerala, I would have consumed about 10 different brands of bottled water of which I would think 7-8 would be of suspect quality but are small fish in a big ocean which, therefore, escape the fisherman's nets. If the smaller firms are indeed culpable of not meeting standards, I hope their operations are stopped and the axe is wielded without any political intervention.

P.S. There's a brand of bottled water called "Ganga Mineral Water". Anyone, who has seen the Ganga, would agree with me that the waters there are not even fit for bathing, rather than drinking.

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