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Thursday, July 31, 2003

SOCIAL DISTRESS : Is the IT industry to blame for the political and socio-economic condition of the country? Are we simply in the midst a vicious cycle?

Sounds like a far-fetched idea? It is in part, but there is one BIG factor that I could point out which will justify the above statement. Here goes -

Before the 1980s, there was a sizeable number of educated people who used to study for the Indian Civil Services examination after graduating. Educated people in power, meant better administration.
People might point out that before the 80s-90s there were enough instances of corruption in politics, but remember that along with the economic development (Ironically, summoned by the IT boom) in the 1990s, education was accessible to the masses on a larger scale. This implies an entire social class brought out of poverty. The natural tendency of this class would be to compensate for eons of lower/middle-class existence. Enter, the IT industry. Thousands of people who would, prior to the IT boom, be studying and entering the ICS are now working in the US of A, contributing the social and the economic fibre of a developed nation.
I admit that there are a lot of people who go for the Civil Services out of choice, but I'm scared that what is left of the "educated" masses, are the academic strugglers or those people who couldn't make it to the US in the boom-time and who will instead try to reduce the resulting economic gap through their own covert money-making corruption.

It's a thought, but it's a scary one. Do we need more able people to govern the country, or just people to vent about the state of the country?

POLITICS : Sidenote

One down, many more to go.
P.S. I'm not sorry.

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