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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Rejection Slips

India rejected the US request for troops for policing Iraq. India has said that it would only send troops under a UN mandate. Though the US hasn't made its dislike felt, Bush is turning a turnip-y red. I just hope Atal 'David' Vajpayee is as confident about taking on Goliath as he is showing to be.

On a side note, David doesn't seem be very sensible about accepting the right sort of resignations. Nitish Kumar resigned and ABV rejected his request to resign. Mr. NK is now refusing to get back to his duty saying that those people who asked for his resignation should apologize. Did I miss something here? Did anyone apologize to all those people who are dying there, or are NK's feelings more important than human lives?

Infrastructure and You

A perennial problem with the Indian economy has been the lack of interest the NRIs or even others settled abroad have shown in developing basic infrastructure or rectifying social/socio-economic misalignments in the country.

Traditionally, all investment into infrastructure by the Indian Government has been in the form of public sector undertakings which have been heavily favoured with subsidies. Due to physical and social inefficiencies, these undertakings have only caused a substantial dent in the Govt's pockets. The Government agrees that for significant improvements to take place in the domain, the levels of spending will have to literally double or triple in the coming 3-5 years. Part of this, would come from the national exchequer, but a significant part would have to come in, in the form of FDI. This would be coming in from interested organizations which would want a part of the Indian pie, but more patriotically, should come from Indians abroad, who can do their share of nation-building.

The advantage China has developed, is primarily because of the FDI that second-generation Chinese in the US are pumping back into the economy.

I, for one, believe (Yes, I am "The Optimist") that with issues like education, social infrastructure being taken care of, other serious issues like religious fervour and internal fighting will resolve themselves. So it is a pleasant surprise to see the initiative taken by a group of IIT Alumni to invest into issues like water. Hopefully, this would fuel the grassroots revolution and spur this country to the greatness of old.

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