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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

POLITICS : The LS Creed : Buy The People, Off The People

It is a pity that in a country like India, there is such a huge difference between the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. While the LS contains old, uneducated, bickering and no-good politicians (who might have criminal records against them to boot), the RS is a group of intellectuals, academicians and people who have a vision for the country. As it is with companies, visions don't get you anywhere. So it is with India.

APJ Abdul Kalam completed one year in office. And his only achievement which is being touted in the press is that he's visited 23 states and not been abroad once, as promised. It's not due to lack of trying though.
I met him in April 2001 when he was on his way to Rapar (a quake-affected area in Gujarat) and two of us spoke to him for 30 minutes on the developmental needs of the district. The feeling that both of us came away with was that the man had amazing plans for his country and the drive to do it. Alas, he lacked the vision of getting down to the brass tacks and implementing this vision of his. For this he would need the support of the people's chosen ones (LS) who are, alas, too busy pointing fingers and making political parties. The rate at which parties split, I would think the LS envisions of having an elected representative for each individual in the country. Think of the employment opportunities!

Now that Mr. Kalam has an idea of what state his country is in, the true strength of the man shall be tested. Tested against all those political parties, tested against cynics who dismiss him as a rambling old man. Oh, I wish he would prove them wrong....

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