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Monday, July 21, 2003

PERSONAL : Another week, another life.

Weekend's don't count, unless you spent them doing something completely pointless. Wise words from Calvin.

Finally, the long planned meeting with Y, G and N came about. For the sake of continuity, the place was the same - Bike and Barrel, the table was the same - next to the DJ. I managed to reach 40 minutes late, courtesy some religious festival which had huge crowd in front of the temples.
Nursing a few vodkas and, later, a Long Island Iced Tea, we exchanged pleasantries. It was a strange experience in terms of the surreality of it. We mused, like wise old men (and women), over the music played in these places, the death of rock and the "viewing gallery" occupied by nerdy stags (Of whom, I have been a part of, at times). It was interesting, because we all came from very different backgrounds, and yet had a few things in common. It was strange because I had different images of all of them, yet realising that I had no basis for that. Y left early-ish, and we proceed for dinner to the Residency... some succulent fish and rice (Obviously, there was a more complex name for that on the menu).

And the times, they are a'changing

Over dinner last night, I had a short discussion with a friend, over what people look for when they look for a mate. The list was spread across looks, intellect, sense of humour among other things.
The crux of the discussion soon wandered over to the fact that perhaps the weightage's we assign to these criteria change drastically over time. i.e. A 20-year old might believe in the concept of a soul-mate who's fun to be with and hang around with (yeah, so I'm stereotyping), a 25-year old might value a sense of H. more, and a 30-year old might simply value intellect higher.
Anyways, the point was that do we change as people and thereby reassign our priorities or are we forced to change as a result of time? Is it time that pressurizes us to say "Ok, I'd prefered simplicity over looks" or "I'll prefer intellect over a sense of H." Do we all compromise? Are we broken by time?

Scrabble paralysis

You hear about those people who play their scrabble so intensely, they become absent minded. Well, my amazing friend, Amethyst, joined that league on Saturday. While trying to con me into believing that "IV" was an allowed word and looking through the two-letter list at the same time, she excited exclaimed "Shank, "I.T." is an allowed word!". Hmm. I pondered and pandered and let her know that it was an accepted word, yes.
Reminds me of those stories -
The guy who challenge "apply" with the statement - "Look, I've heard of orangy or limey, but what the heck is 'apply'?".
Or the guy who challenged "Who" with the statement - "Look I've heard of 'whoa', but 'who' isn't an accepted exclamation!"

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