Discussions over Tea (Of course, cutting maar ke)

Monday, July 07, 2003
I went to buy some clothes for myself on the weekend.
I returned with the following -

Item #1: "The Blind Assassin" - Margaret Atwood.
Item #2: "The Golden Gate" - Vikram Seth.
Item #3: Sholay - the VCD.

I feel bare.

[Political Rant] The Kanchi Shankaracharya's formula has been rejected by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board who have called it a withdrawal on the earlier promises and a bias towards the VHP/RSS. In text, the formula was a diplomatically phrased request to hand over the land to the Hindus who would then pledge eternal gratitude (right!) for the same. One of the reasons was that it would be improper to displace a statue of Ram from the site, since it was a location where people currently worshipped.
I think, this is going to have to be decided by the judiciary and that too in a clear and open manner, else the resolution will raise eyebrows. In the end, the result is not going to be to eithers liking, but the only solution for any government is to take steps to ensure that the backlash of the dislike to the decision, will not harm the nation as such. Personally, I would think that make the place a national heritage site (sic!) and then build the mosque and the mandir on either sides.

The interesting thing behind the entire discussion, is the stance of the BJP in going against its sister concerns, the VHP/RSS. The changing agenda of the BJP, from a saffron color to a moderate white, is testimony of the change. The BJP, once a minority, and a forever-opposition party, is trying to leverage the foothold it has in the Indian political scenario, by getting the Congress to agree on supporting them on the "resolution through legislation" agenda. Settlement through legislation means again handing over the decision to the two states of UP and Bihar which control the significant part of our political landscape and which are firmly ensconced in the hands of the BJP. It is a political masterstroke and a calculated one at that. The Congress would be right in refusing, prefering to take the matter to the courts.

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