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Thursday, July 03, 2003
Honey! Did you miss me?

According to a recent study in Saudi Arabia, now you (well, or your guy) can store your sperm at home. In your refrigerator! Don't ask me why someone would want to do that, but it's medically possible. All you need is a drop of liquid to re-fertilize it without destroying the DNA.

Roald Dahl thought of this a long time ago in his book "My Uncle Oswald". Not one for the kids, but if you can stand up to that sort of humor, it's a memorable read. Though I have friends who disagree.

It also brings to mind, what Michael Moore says - Men are being driven to extinction. First there was in-vitro fertilization, now it's dried sperm. And who's responsible for this, you ask? It's man himself!

Solemn politicians

Politicians need a sense of humour. The Italian PM Berlusconi in his address to the EU went ahead and told a dour-face German lawmaker that he could get him a role in a Nazi concetration camp movie currently in production, as the commandant (kapo) of the camp. So now it's turned into a full fledged political incident with apologies being demanded by all sides concerned and more. IMHO, Berlusconi is nothing more than a spoilt brat who's playing with power (President, Media Magnate, Owner of AC Milan and Lawlessness-Incarnate - he got legislation changed in order to protect himself from being convicted for crimes). Well, as long as the Italians don't seem to be minding much, why the hue and cry everything he plays one of his tricks?
I think it was pretty hilarious for him to say that, though as a representative of his nation and as the leader of the EU, it was political suicide.

Other tit-bits

Go to the Google homepage and type "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Then click on "I'm feeling lucky". Have fun!

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