Discussions over Tea (Of course, cutting maar ke)

Friday, July 18, 2003
Fleeting fancies

Do you react on impulses? Or do they just pass?
Nothing lingers longer than regret. I'm passing through such a phase at this point of time. I have a lot of whims, a lot of things I need to do, to learn.
I'm writing all of them down, just for the sake of filing all those whims, and giving myself the impetus to do something of them....

� Learn pottery. I read about clay-making and the types of clay used and then gave it all up on a similar whim.
� Learn to dance. I was very agile once upon a time in college (Yeah, nostalgia!). I wanted to learn the Bharatnatyam or a Western dance.
� Learn how to drive a bike. Yeah, I'm firmly powered by the four-wheel wonders. (and yes, I can drive a bicycle).
� Travel with a NG expedition to a exotic foreign land. Need moolah for that. Mucho Moolah. Please indicate interest if you are willing to contribute to the "Save the Wails" fund.

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