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Thursday, July 10, 2003
Call me an optimist ....

... but I'd like to think that the BJP and Congress might do some good to the country with no intention to.

The BJP has been trying to woo corporate India with pro-economic reforms over the past term. The efforts taken to display a good image of India to foreing markets, the change of stance regarding the IMF and it's current deficit are testimony to that effect. Recently, they've been trying to change the Indian investment markets by trying to bring in stock exchange reforms.
Now, the Congress has changed it's "Manmohanic" stance and is targetting the poor of India as part of their 2004 political agenda - Congress Ka Haath, Garib Ke Saath. Even though this is politically motivated, I would think it would improve the socio-economic conditions of the poor and thereby contribute to the overall benefit of the country.
BJP reforming from the top and the Congress moving from the lower strata is sure to bring about some positive changes to the overall socio-economic and educational condition of this nation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed ....

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