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Monday, June 02, 2003
Why everyone hates Dubyaman and the USA.

So the first thing anyone would say is that "No, it's not that we hate the US or hate Bush, it's just that we don't take a liking to his policies and the autocratic manner in which he's stamped his authority on global politics." He could have made it a more consensual experience instead of blatantly ignoring all forms of world opinion (i.e. The UN). Yeah, right.
Here's my thoughts on the entire razmatazz.

Here's why the world hates the U S of A.

1. Their thinly veiled attempt to get rid of disagreeable regimes under the guise of the Islamic militant threat.
2. Their "capitalistic" nature where the Arab war is seen as a clearing of the "road to the oil". (Yeah, I got the "OIL : Operation Iraqi Liberation" mail).
3. The fact that the US is well aware of the discontent, but uses it's power to manipulate world politics. Who armed Afghanistan in the 80s? Who was willing to push Turkey for a position in the EU for compromises made by Turkey in the war against Iraq? Who is aware of the Israel issue, but instead of trying for a settlement, tends to leave it to their adminstrations, rather than mediate in the affair.
4. The way they look down on the rest of the world. Look, it would be a miracle if you could ask a majority of the Americans to correctly point out a country like India on the map. Reminds me of the time there was a petition out by high-school students to the US government asking for wars to be waged on countries with easier names as they were having problems in history classes. :)
5. The fact that they are the most heavily armed (nuclear and otherwise) nation in the world, but insist the rest of the world disarms in the name of world peace.
6. The fact that they don't have a culture of their own, and are trying to make sure the rest of the world doesn't have one either.

Here's why the U S of A doesn't give a damn about it.

1. The US is the financial center of the world. Try imagining a financial world without the dollar.
2. The US is the land of enterprise. Even I would be the first to admit it. They're proud of their country and would do anything to support it and work for it. Which is something I can't say for their harshest critics.
3. If the world stood up united against the US, they would probably have to buckle because of a strong dependency on the world for their lives (oil, labour, etc). But who's going to do that.
4. Because they don't have bickering over issues like religion and social classes. They stand together.
5. And lastly because they can, and no one can say otherwise. My prediction is that China will also head the US way in a few decades from now.

Update at 5.00 pm: Here's an article by Tom Friedman in today's NYT (Registration required) on the same topic.

Disclaimer: I can't decide whether this is an anti-American rant or not. It wasn't supposed to be written as one, but when I read it again, it seems like one. You take a pick and take a stand and decide whatever.

Weekend Musings (Yeah, I had too much time)

Music : Indian Ocean - They've come out with their first video. Their music sounds distinctly different, perhaps even tailored for TV. I think they should release videos of previous albums.

Petrol prices - Why are petrol prices so different across states in India. I have to research this, but I'm hoping someone will be nice enough to give me the answer here.
Update : Got the answer here.

Pepper Vodka - This is a drink you have to have. Pepper Vodka with Sangria (which is basically tomato juice (update: and was a typo pointed out by Gorgeous)). Don't mix them. Have them separately as large shots. Burns your throat, it does. (c) Zaras Tapas Bar, Chennai.

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