Discussions over Tea (Of course, cutting maar ke)

Monday, June 23, 2003
printf("Hello World! \n");

Quick Update : I'm back to the unreal world.

I turned 26 on Friday. So I misquoted myself when I started the blog, Michelle. Sue me.
I took the day off on Friday and packed my knapsack. Then I took off for Coorg. Alone. I, me, myself.
I stayed on a coffee estate with a family.
And the Gods smiled down on me. It rained. No, it poured.
I climbed trees picking guavas, walked through streams flowing through the estate, saw flowers and greenery the likes of which I'd never noticed before.
I stood in front of a waterfall challenging its might.
I sat on the porch, watching the rain. Reading.
I travelled in rickety-rackety buses. I travelled in rickety-rackety jeeps which spewed water into the jeep through the center.
I was in clouds #9 and #11. I was on cloud #9.
I returned this morning with a smile on my face. The next few days will be bearable.

I'll post more on the trip later. Right now, I'm am work, trying to catch up on the backlog.

Aren't you jealous?

End of Post

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