Discussions over Tea (Of course, cutting maar ke)

Friday, June 27, 2003
It's funny how a small study can ring the alarm bells in the hearts of a nation.

Samachar.com publishes the following article.

Hindus have always taken for granted that they are the majority in the country and hence can dictate terms to the rest. Yet, a study undertaken by the Centre for Policy Studies shows that the relative percentages of the "Indian Religions" (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism) have been falling drastically.

Though the report has been too large covering the scope of the effort, moving their percentages from the Indian subcontinent to India, per se, it does raise a few questions and arguments.

Some of the more prominent examples that are cited are the facts that Christianity has been on a rise in the North-East. That, in my opinion has been due the neglect of the government fighting over states which contribute to the parliament with a greater number of seats (UP, Bihar) as compared to the N-E states which I think contribute a sum total of 24 seats in the LS. As a people they have been neglected, marginalised and treated as secondary citizens. Sikkim and the issue with China is a prime example of this neglect.

I would hate to see such a report fall into the hands of fundamentalist organizations like the RSS, which would take it up as a case for redressal and might cause extreme panic in general populace.

I think Kerala loses out to Christianity and Islam due to the a couple of factors - One, the enhanced interaction with the Gulf nations and secondly, the Communist's disillusionment with the Hindu fundamentalist forces that are governing Government policies.

This is the closing paragraph of the article -

In conclusion, the study says that while Indian Religionists have by and large maintained their dominant position in the country, "such vitality has not helped them in defending their presence on the borders of the country where the efforts of the society, to be effective, necessarily need the vigilance and support of a state committed to protecting and preserving the civilisational identity, pride and genius of the nation". And the study adds: "We have so far failed to fashion such a state for ourselves".

It's here that I wonder whether the general idea of the authors is to remain a Hindu state and protect "our" interests from opposing religions? Doesn't it speak volumes for the bias behind the writings?

Wait and watch....

End of Post

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