Discussions over Tea (Of course, cutting maar ke)

Monday, June 16, 2003
The days are just packed

The Chennai weather cooled down drastically over the weekend. In fact, there was a small shower at 11ish on Saturday night, which got me wet and delighted.

Went to a brunch-play at " The Park on Sunday morning. Luckily, the brunch (which was delightful) was served before the play; the play was poignant (in their words) and was pitiful (in mine). It was a two-person performance and though was delivered well, the necessary dramatic effect was missing. The highlight of the performance being a baby crying in the backseats at the most "poignant and serious" moment in the act. Other highlights included fish fry and some very good ras-malai.

Later, the day was spent at Landmark, and then at my aunt's place where my nana-nani were over from Delhi. It was fun, three generations sitting and exchanging anecdotes about cramming for school, how you had to choose your classes through the ages and what age is the right one to make an informed choice about the future.

I also managed to see a couple of DVDs - Phone Booth (Colin Farrell of "The Recruit") and Gangs of New York. Both very good movies. Though Phone Booth was slightly predictable, it was short enough to not get boring.

Had a longish conversation with an auto-driver, who used to work in Bombay, started as a clerk in Reliance, Orissa, came to Bombay as a personal driver of the Ambanis, travelled through a lot of cities with them, grew homesick, came back to Chennai, but wasn't getting as much money here, so quit Reliance and bought himself an auto. Over a period of time, he's bought a couple more, which he's given out to other auto-drivers for a rental... his monthly income working out to 16-17 thousand. Pretty neat for an auto-wala, I'd say.

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