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Wednesday, May 28, 2003
What is it about blogging?

A long time ago, there was the website. Your window to the world. But personal websites were too hard to maintain for the layman. Look, who's going to get into the aspects of HTML and finally keeping it updated on a regular basis.

Even before that, there was the personal (paper! yes, paper!) diaries. Your record of the day to day happenings in your life and a technique for recollecting how things were in the past when you've moved ahead. Your loves, your hates, your feelings at any point of time, your reactions to things changing around you. So why do you feel the need to share that with the world?

Maybe in India, it's more of a connecting-with-the-world-out-there thing. You're sitting in your office, taking crap from your boss and feel like venting somewhere. So where else can you do that, but your own personal vent-ilator - your blog? Maybe you're in a society which doesn't understand you, and you're looking to a wider audience for appreciation.

With the few exceptions, Blogs are mostly personal diaries. Why, exactly, do people want to have other people read these ramblings? Many are incriminating! Ask a Web log addict why he or she does it and you'll get a range of answers that tend towards the "because it's easy" or "because it's fun!" bromides.

Here are my ramblings on why someone would keep a blog:

Tracking time. There are some people who say they keep blogs just to keep track of their thoughts and memories over a period of time. I have just one thought at such a point of time, why share it then. Keep it hidden in some nook and corner of the web. It's a mad world out there; chances are that your blog won't even be found. Wasn't that the intention in the first place?

Ego gratification. Some people need to be the center of attention. It makes them feel good about themselves to tell the world what important things they've been doing and what profound thoughts they've been having. This would be harsh on the world, but it's true.

Elimination of frustration.
Day-to-day life is wrought with frustration, and the Web log gives people the ability to complain to the world. You get to read a lot of venting on day-to-day issues in these logs.

Societal need to share. Then there are those people who like to share every incident in their lives. Just the fact that there's someone out there who's listening is enough motivation for the blogger.

Wanna-be writers. A lot of people want to be published writers. Blogs make it happen without the hassle of getting someone else to do it or having to write well. I see poetry out there, which gets appreciated by the masses even though a true critic wouldn't give two hoots about it.

Context-specific bloggers. This would be the only true class of bloggers I would say should have been here anyways. There's Kingsley who I know, who writes about Usability designs and discusses then with a larger forum of like-minded people.

Disclaimer: I'm not casting allegations on anyone out here on their motives. Mine are equally shallow - just look at the title of my blog (Sic faciunt omnes) and you'll see. Can you figure out where you are? And if you have any other reasons for blogging, let me know. Surprise me.

This is the bloggers mantra today : I am because I blog.

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