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Friday, May 23, 2003
Loss of identity

In a sense of the world, IIM Ahmedabad was the first place I could call my alma mater. School was good but most of my friends drifted away and moved into different worlds where we couldn't keep in touch. Junior college was good and through I have a large social/friends base there, there are very few attachments to the place as such.

Engineering College was a whole new experience. Perhaps, I would admit that I wasn't prepared for the place. I was a Bombay guy till then, having a limited view of the world. Then, in a space of a couple of months, I made the momentous decision to go and study (and spend four important years of my life) in Allahabad. It was a place that would change my life forever. I never got used to the place. For four years I felt like a stranger in a strange land.

Then came IIMA. For the first time, I was at peace with myself. People who loved doing things I did, people who did things that amazed me, people who could talk about topics which I had never heard of, but which I would understand over cups of chai or walks through campus, people who understood everything I said at the first instance. People like me. I was home.

The concept of the dorm was and is very strong in IIMA. It's not exactly a dormitory in the exact sense of the word, but there are 18 dorms, with each dorm having 20-30 rooms. Each dorm has a tradition of it's own, a song of it's own, memories of it's own and a history of it's own. When two people from IIMA meet, the questions are in the following order -

Which batch?
What dorm?
What's your dorm name?

The rest doesn't matter. You go back to campus years later, you go back to your dorm and stay there. You treat the current batch and you're accorded all the respect of old.

The pity of it all is that ,now with a new part of the campus coming up, they're shifting the entire dorm to the new dorms. Which means, my roots are going to be torn apart into a physical part and a logical one (the new dorm where the juniors reside). It's heart-wrenching. It's complex for anyone to understand. You had to be there, to believe it.

(Internet) Space Oddity

Indian bride marries US groom online

An Indian girl has married an American in an internet marriage ceremony. Her groom, Syed Abdul Rehman, 26, a software engineer, appeared on screen and gave his marriage vows.

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