Discussions over Tea (Of course, cutting maar ke)

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Communism, thy name is bureaucracy. Here are couple of stories which I have heard over the past two days (all true, in case you have any doubts)-

Quirky # 1

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai was surprised to see a lot of patients being admitted from far-away places like Calcutta and Assam. When they asked why they didn't go to AH in Cal, the answer was "Dada, building to aap ka hai, par andar to sab Bangla hi hain, na?". Turns out one of them had a particularly quaint experience. One of his relatives was undergoing a bypass surgery which was promised as a 4 hour operation. When seven hours had passed, and they still hadn't completed the surgery, the worried relatives asked why it was taking so long. The answer goes as follows - You see, during the middle of the operation, the shift changed, so the entire staff in the OT, moved out and the new cast moved in. The handover wasn't very clear, so the second shift took time to figure out what was left. Well, at least they didn't say "Dada, aaj ke hobe na!".

Quirky # 2

The Vice Chancellor of Trivandrum Univ likes to change his signature every year. All that being fine and well, it does create a problem for students apping to US Univs. A number of students got back rejections saying that they had the signature of the VC stored in their databases and the one on their documents was forged. When these complaints were forwarded to the Univ, they were lost in the bureaucracy. Only after the number of complaints grew very high, did they manage to track the VC's signatures and resolve the issue. Amazing VC, he's left his mark there!

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